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A new French High-Tech company, invoxia’s goal is to design, develop, produce and market telecommunication products which offer the user a simplified experience and improved comfort.

It is through a conviction of the quality potential yet under-exploitation of Voice over IP communication, and by observing its low-cost niche, that invoxia was born. It defines itself around an innovative idea, and the talents needed to conceive and develop technologies which embody that idea.

The steady increase of data transmission rates has lead to the use of greater bandwidths, thus giving us a greater listening experience than through traditional telecommunication. As a result of this, advanced services such as large audio conferencing, video conferencing, or the accessing of centralized data through a network are now possible.  The sound quality of calls, with a bandwidth many times greater than that of conventional phones, has transformed our relationship with the telephone. Our interlocutors seem closer; conversations are effortless and easier to follow, transforming the phone from a practical object to one of pure joy!